Hospital Hispano Americano

Hospital Hispano Americano
Hospital with more than 20 years recognized as a Premier Center of Healthcare Excellence in town.

Our Facilities

  • ER
  • Ambulance Service
  • 24 hrs. Laboratory and Radiology department
  • 24 hrs. Pharmacy
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Hemodynamic Room
  • 5 OR’s
  • 25 Private room for hospitalization
  • 1 Bariatric Room
  • Cafeteria

What our Staff can do for you
We have the privilege to assist and support all our patients with a dedicated Staff of bilingual doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and a patient coordinator of medical tourism, who are committed to provide to our international patients with the most attentive and comfortable healthcare experience.

Hospital Hispano Americano the only board certificated in town

Having achieved the Consejo de Salubridad General (General Health Council) Certification, positions us as a regional leader hospital by complying with National and International Standards focusing in Patient´s Security and offering the highest quality medical treatment.

This certification allows us to deliver a high-quality and safe healthcare at our premises, complying with the Mexican Official Regulations in the healthcare area.

Some of the benefits of this certification are:

  1. We are one of the four certified private hospitals in the state of Baja California and one of the eighty-six certified private hospitals within the Mexican Republic as June 2016.
  2. We have implemented safety measures within the processes designed to comply with the international goals for the patient´s safety, established by the World Health Organization (WHO).
    • Accurate identification of the patients.
    • Improvement of the effective communication.
    • Improvement of high-risk medications’ safety.
    • Guarantee that all surgeries are practiced at the right place, with the right patient, using the right procedure.
    • Reduce the risk of infections associated with the medical treatment.
    • Reduce the risk of our patients of suffering injuries due to a fall.
  3. We have implemented an original source verification system of the official documents that certify our specialists, which allows them to work in a professional manner at our premises.
  4. Our facilities have the maximum safety measures to respond to any climate, geological and environmental contingency.
  5. We have applied a Continuous Improvement System based on the detection and analysis of failures or mistakes that has allowed us to learn about them and implement the necessary measures and continue our improvement path.